An introduction to a short story; in short snippets (which makes it digestible – – – with a little salt added for taste).

The Short Stories of Waldo


I posted this story  on Zuckerberg’s 401K  (FB) last year. My apologies if you have read it before.

It will be posted here as a series – – – one piece at a time.

Otherwise you would not finish reading it.

No one likes a long post on a blog.

Well – – – – – –  you may still have the same thoughts.

But I warranty (no guarantees are offered here) when you get to the end you will ask yourself; 

“What the hell was that all about?”

And then some of the story will return.

It is like the old song “Is That All There Is To A Fire?”

This story is difficult to explain. It is like a fire.

We all know what a fire is but could you explain it to someone who has never experienced fire?

So – – – I can not explain the story. You will just have…

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