Episode Eight

The Short Stories of Waldo

FINALLY!!!   The sad man had told me what this thing was all about. It wasn’t about a girl and it wasn’t about him learning to read. It wasn’t about living alone as a boy or enjoying the woods. It wasn’t about fishing, hunting or trapping. It was about him having a thought leaping from his brain and him not being able to re-capture it. It was about a lost thought that was his, an original thought.

I must have looked satisfied and ready to depart because he immediately continued with the story.


“I knew that the blond girl had been lost due to my stubbornness. However, I had no idea why I lost my thought. It was perplexing. I should have written it down. If only I could write well. My penmanship was so horrible that no one could read it; not even me.”

“I thought about the blond girl…

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