Episode Thirteen

The Short Stories of Waldo

The sad man was not too pleased with his undergraduate college experience. He was not about to give up though. And then things took a strange turn.


“That is the way my whole college experience went. ‘Stick to the assignment.’ or  ‘There will be time for creativity in your senior year.’ and ‘You have a promising background for graduate work; but learn the basic material.’ plus ‘Your masters’ thesis should surround the research area that you have studied under me.’ finally ‘You will have plenty of time to select an original thesis for your doctoral work.’”

“Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Masters, Doctoral – – – it continued on with no opportunity to find my original thought. It was surely a lost cause. Finally, after I had received my hood and doctorate, I realized that I had lost all my creativity. I knew that I would never find my lost…

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