Episode Fifteen

The Short Stories of Waldo

World War II was over and the sad man had been released from his army duties. He found new hope by joining the Jesuit Organization. Surely with deep concentrated thought and seclusion his original idea woud return.

Or at least that is what he was hoping for as he told me of this new experience.


“It was my good fortune to find that the spiritual exercises would come early in my indoctrination into the Jesuit Society.”

“The only thing that came prior to the exercises was learning the history of St. Ignatius and the Society of Jesus. To my great surprise I learned that there were several conspiracy theories about the Jesuits. Many of them centered on their banking system and their involvement with the natives of all three Americas; North, Central and South.”

“One man’s attempt to fill a void is another man’s conspiracy.”

“In the New World one…

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