Episode Sixteen

The Short Stories of Waldo

The sad man related how his life in the Society of Jesuits had started. How the religious exercises made him think about himself and the world. How the introspection and extrospection made one feel comfortable about God and the world in general.

Based on the last few hours of the story he was telling I wondered what was coming next.


“Remember the conspiracies that I mentioned? I was sure that these stories were the result of late eighteenth and nineteenth century problems with the Freemasons.”

“However, it became apparent that even the Spanish Inquisition had problems with the Jesuits. This was followed by problems with the reformationists. Popular anti-Jesuit thinking in France was set on fire by several books; both academic and novel. Germany, from the 1870’s until the early 1900’s, required the Jesuits to disband and desist from engaging in their practices. Even the Nazi regime treated the Jesuits with…

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