Episode Twentyone

The Short Stories of Waldo

The story about Socrates and Ion was finished; or so I thought.

The sad man surprised me. He had a bit more to tell about the magnetic stone.


“Socrates told Ion that the power in Euripides’ magnetic stone of Heraclea was so intense that it could make an iron ring attach itself .”

“Socrates pointed out that the ring that dangled from the magnetic rock could also become inspiring. This could result in another ring dangling from the first ring.”

“The magnetic rock remains the original inspiration. However, the first ring is supremely inspired and has added new depth and meaning to the original idea. This inspiration has modified and added to the original thought. Socrates points out that this allows the first ring to draw another ring to itself.”

“Socrates asks Ion if he has ever seen any of his audience cry or laugh. Ion answers ‘Yes’and then realizes that he has…

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