Episode Twentytwo

The Short Stories of Waldo

The sad man surprised me with his story about the dialogue between Socrates and Ion. The Euripedes’ magnetic stone of Heraclea was quite interesting. I decided right then and there that I would have to read about it and decide for myself if the sad man’s insight was correct.

Yet there was one more thing that he wanted to tell me about.

I patiently waited and, once again, he did not disappoint me.


“I wish that Socrates’ insights would have explained it all. However, they did not.”

“I still wanted to search for my original thought. I was driven to search even though my original thought may not have been original. I remained convinced that it was not an inspired one but just as original as I thought. Earlier today, as I sat here under this pine tree, I remembered a discussion that Socrates had with Meno.”

“It was a discussion regarding mimesis…

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