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Grandfather’s trip was very well planned. He would cover the goodly sum of thirty-five miles on his first day. There were two legs of this first day’s trip. Both of these legs were on well maintained dirt roads.


He went twenty miles in a westward direction on the first road. That took him from Salem to Peekskill-on-the-Hudson. From there he turned directly north; ending that leg at Denning Point. There was an extreme widening of the Hudson River at Denning.


Brigs were square-sailed one-masted ships that acted as the workhorse of the Hudson. They transported men, horses, oxen and droves of sheep across the wide waters.


The extreme width of the river at Denning Point caused the current to slow considerably and allowed these hefty boats the room they needed to maneuver in the wind. The Dutch traders that plied these waters centuries ago had taught the British about these shallow draft, cargo laden, trading ships. In the North Sea of Holland they were not the best for sea warfare, but, they were excellent to move cargo from the Americas back to Europe.


The water bound trip from Denning Point to the west side of the Hudson would allow Grandfather to land just south of New Windsor. His second days journey would take him another thirty miles from New Windsor to Port Ewen; a little south of Kingston.


Grandfather’s plan was to then use his compass and map to travel westward were he would eventually pick up General Sullivan’s trail. That trail, although no longer in use and overgrown, could be easily followed because of the axed tree stumps that remained.


At a certain point he would leave the trail and again follow the map to the new settlement of Jericho. This was not the Old Jericho on Long Island but rather a township just west of the Katskill Mountains, located on the Susquehanna River. Some people still call it Jericho but most now refer to it as Bainbridge. Grandfather’s plan, once in Jericho, was to find an Esquire Garnsey, a dealer in land. Esquire Garnsey was known through relatives in Westchester County. The esquire had somehow purchased parcels of land in the new Indian Territories.


Are you able to picture the route  – – – Mr. George Park Esquire? 


Should I retrace grandfather’s first few miles for you again?


No? Good! Now we can get to the best part of grandfathers trip.