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The residence was as proper and meticulous as Mr. Juliand was. It was a perfect match, as well as it should be, for Mr. Juliand had directed each piece of the construction. Mr. Juliand oversaw each craftsman and artisan; from the first stone of the foundation to the small weather watch on top of the second story. The windows were made of real glass; not the oiled canvas windows that were used in most frontier homes. It was hand blown, cut and flattened amethyst hued glass. The only imperfections were the round punt marks that remained where the blowing tube had been attached. Grandfather estimated that the punt marks appeared about once for every four window panes.


Upon entering the home Grandfather could see that the doors were all raised panels of black walnut surrounded by a framework of white ash. Likewise, each door and window had black walnut trim. The contrast of alternating black walnut and white ash on the doors was striking. Mr. Juliand led the Esquire and Grandfather to a small room lined with bookshelves. Each shelf was full. This was a comfortable room with comfortable bent wood chairs.


Mr Juliand called out “Hannah, we have guests.” A smiling petite woman with jet black eyes, and hair to match, appeared in the doorway.


“Esquire Garnsey, we have missed you” her voice beamed. She was a pretty woman, not strikingly pretty but self assured and extremely outgoing. When she spoke to anyone, it was if that person was the only person in her universe. “An extremely self assured and proper woman indeed” thought Grandfather. “Another perfect match for Mr. Juliand.”


The Esquire introduced Grandfather to Mrs. Juliand and, correctly, the esquire anticipated Mrs. Juliand’s next move; which would be to offer a cold mint gin tonic to each man.


He prevented an embarrassment for Mrs. Juliand by stating “Mr. Birdsall has informed me that he would be our first Quaker in this area.” She caught the semi-hidden message at about the same time that Grandfather did.


Grandfather spoke out first by saying “Mr. Juliand offered us a cold drink and water would be just fine for me, if you do not mind, Mrs. Juliand.”


Esquire Garnsey followed up with “Hannah,” addressing Mrs. Juliand by her first name, “If you were going to offer me “the normal” it will be fine with Mr. Birdsall.”


With that semi-uncomfortable moment out of the way Esquire Garnsey told the story of the previous evening and how gracious Grandfather was regarding “what a man does in his own home – – – -.”


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