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Epinetus explained to Mr. Parks about the fork in the road.


Fork in the road


“A few miles down the road he came upon a toll house. After paying he asked the gatekeeper about the strange fork in the road. ‘Toll Robbers’ the gatekeeper responded. ‘They take a route around the toll houses to avoid paying. Best keep on the turnpike mister. Fines for toll robbing are steep. We confiscate livestock and wagons.’ Grandfather informed the gatekeeper, in no uncertain terms, that his Quaker background made this warning unnecessary.”


Turnpike Toll Booth


Epinetus shared some of the landmarks with George.


Turnpike Inn


“The entourage passed several inns without taking advantage of their light and warmth. Grandfather stated very clearly that these inns were traps for sinners but said no more than that. They passed the Newell Tavern at Durham, the Delaware Inn at Stamford and the Stamford  Inn at West Merideth among many other of various sizes and quality. The complete trip on the turnpike would be ninety miles and would end with a ferry ride at Unadilla.”


Epinetus then switched back to the story and of a particular incident in his family’s journey.


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