Origin of CAST

Middle English, from Old Norse kasta; akin to Old Norse “kǫs” heap

First Known Use: 13th century

or late 20th century, example;


Tonto asking the Lone Ranger why he is so happy.


“Holy Smoke-signal Kemosabe; why you make heap big smile all the time?


 LR and Tonto


NO – – – but seriously folks – – –


This is what “cast” means


To throw in a forceful way


a fishing line, hook, etc. into the water by using a fishing pole

(this is the absolutely best way to enjoy a cast)

or cast a net by hand

Casting a net

castanet (cast a chestnut) by fingers



in the direction of someone or something


dice in the game of craps

to the opposite end

of the table


a glance at a beautiful female

her legs or buttocks

(sorry – – – my bad)



To put forth


a warm glow as a campfire

(especially if I have a

Southern Comfort Manhattan

in my hand)



light on the subject

as a book or essay

(You want light on a subject?

Read Frederik Nietzsche.

He lights up the grey matter.)



To place as if by throwing


doubt on their reliability

(I promise not to say anything

about the current administration.)



To deposit


a ballot in hopes of reform

(See above.

Ooops – – – I broke my promise already)



To accidentally throw off or away


a horse losing his shoe

(Or my sanity or morals)



To get rid of by nature


all restraint

(such as singles leaving a bar

You wouldn’t happen to have

the address for that bar

would you?)




To set apart


segregated seating for smokers


a system where heritage overrides merit

(Oh – – – wait a minute

I think that is spelled caste; eg

the system of dividing society

into hereditary classes)




To shed


a raincoat must shed water


human nature sometimes causes bloodshed


pouring forth in drops – – – tears


enlightenment – – – sheds some light on the subject




To give off, discharge, or expel from the body of a plant or animal



eject, slough off, or lose

as part of the

normal processes of life


a snake shedding its skin

(see downsizing)


a dog shedding hair

(see sneezing

or vacuuming)



a deciduous tree sheds its leaves

(see “Fall”

Friends; are you over 60?

People  over 60 fall all the time.

Order our “ICAN”TGETUP” system

for only $500 and monthly payments

of a mere $40 for the remainder of your life.)


To discharge


usually gradually

(so as to be unnoticeable

such as information

from our government)


especially as part of a

pathological process

(this is redundant;

our government

is pathological)


shed a virus


a pustule

(sorry about

that image)



To rid oneself of temporarily or permanently as superfluous or unwanted


the company laid off 100 employees


she shed her inhibitions

and then 

she dumped her childhood sweetheart


(and I have

never recovered

from the experience)



To pour out


She spilled the beans





To become dispersed  


Scatter brained


(see above)

“She cast off all inhibitions”


Are you sure you don’t

have that address?




To cast off some natural covering as fur, skin or emotion


the dog is still shedding

(see above)


dispensing with all humanity

(see bloodshed above)


I dumped him; what a loser!


“Cast off Matey – – – yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum”



To molt


shed hair, feathers, shell, horns, or an outer layer periodically



As in any invertebrate of the phylum


having a segmented body,

jointed limbs,

and usually a chitinous shell

that undergoes moltings,

including the insects,

spiders and other arachnids,

crustaceans, and myriapods.


Snakes molt as they grow,

shedding the old skin and

growing a larger new skin;

sometimes turning into CEOs.


Crabs molt their shell

as they grows larger;

sometimes turning into

bitter spouses.



To bring forth

Especially new ideas


Allow me to cast

a pregnant thought

into the mix


or newsworthy information


bee-bee-beep-bee- beep

“Attention all listeners

and ships at sea;

an explosion has

created devastation,

the wind blew up

the river.



To give birth to


Prematurely or unnaturally


He cast his seed upon the ground

(Onan knew that the offspring would not be his;

so when he went in to his brother’s wife,

he wasted his seed on the ground

in order not to give offspring

to his brother.)

Holy Crap – – – that’s really weird.


To throw to the ground


suplex in wrestling




He cast his opponent upon the ground

(not to be confused with the seed)


To build by throwing up earth


They cast mud into the Tower of Babel

(NO! They did not build the tower

and then throw mud into it;

they cast mud into bricks

and then constructed

the tower with them)





To perform arithmetical operations


by means of astrology


Casting an astrological chart


An astrological chart or,

more specifically,

a natal chart,

is a symbolic representation

of the position of the planets,

the sun, and the moon

at the moment

of a person’s birth.


Each planet occupies

a particular zodiac sign

at a given moment.

It is the interpretation

of this placement

that provides

astrologers with insight

into a person’s

personality and behavior.


Because an astrological chart

is based on facts (?)

—-the actual positions in the sky

(relative to earth)

of heavenly bodies

at a certain time—-

it is more of an astronomical

than an astrological endeavor.



To decide

She decided to cast her lot with him




To intend

I didn’t intend to cast

any dispersions

on this post


Oh yes you did.



To dispose or arrange into parts or into a suitable form or order


He separated them into different lots by date



First In First Out


First In Last Out


Last In First Out


Last In Last Out


First In Still Here


Who Gives A Crap

(better known as)


Random Selection



To assign the parts of a dramatic production to actors


cast a movie


“Frankly my dear,

I don’t give a damn.”


To assign an actor to a role or part


He was cast in the leading role


(see Frankly my dear; above)


To give a shape to a substance by pouring

in liquid or plastic form

into a mold and letting it harden without pressure


cast steel


Sporks are not formed

by this process


Sporks are formed

when the cow

jumped over

the moon

and the fork

ran away

with the spoon

to make little

baby sporks.




cast the scale slightly

to cause to move around

an axis or a center

 make rotate or revolve; 

turn a potter’s wheel.


He cast some pottery



To make a knot or stitch by looping or catching up



unite by winding 

Robling cast strands of wire

together to form

the cables

for the

Brooklyn Bridge


she made a warp of yarn


To from a curve that has developed

in something originally flat or straight 


a warped door

This damn thing won’t shut right


a mental aberration


If you have read

this post this far

you must be

a bit warped

To bear fruit : 


give or render as fitting

rightfully owed

or required

as a pregnant idea


To give up possession of a claim or demand


He cast his last breath

– – – and so he died


The court has ruled;



To surrender or relinquish to

the physical control

of another

hand over possession of


I cast myself unto you,

my love



To give oneself up


to an inclination, temptation,

or habit


He cast himself

to the devil



To relinquish one’s possession of

a position of advantage

or point of superiority

I yield the floor

to the prosecutor



To perform addition


Casting a Summation


Define the sum

between the upper

and lower limits

 Summation between limits



To range over land in search of a trail


hunting dogs or trackers


They cast for a scent


To make immobile or perpetual

a hard covering that is put on an

arm, leg, etc., so that

a broken bone can heal







when can I take

this damn thing off?



A plaster mask was cast


His image was held

for all to see;

in perpetuity





Thomas Nast

had a blast

making politicians

all aghast.


The hot blast

wide and vast

of their rhetoric

extinguished at last.


Pictured their past

as big iconoclast

but boots of leather

had turned to bast.


Tied to their past

like pirates to the mast

Tom cartooned them

Forever cast.



Do you have an itchy burning sensation between your toes?

Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?

Does your husband come home with scabies from a “business trip?”

Are the children getting tired from cracking ice for Grandpa’s piles?

(Oh, wait a minute. Piles is a synonumb for heap, and numb is the goal.)


A sample reading can be seen below.





If that sample interests you please send

one szlotney and

five box tops from

“Who Cares Gummy Bears?” (8 ounce size)

to ten good friends.





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