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During these periods of Aftas rule there was political ferment in Christian northern Spain. Fernando I (Leon-Castilla) eliminated Vermundo III and Garcia Sanchez along with other Christian rivals.


Fernando I


By 1055 A.D. Fernando I controlled most of northern Spain and was focusing on the taifas. He repeatedly attacked Badajoz. Finally, in 1063 A.D., Fernando I successfully took Badajoz. He ravaged it to the point where Muhammad al Aftas was willing to pay Fernando I the hated annual tribute (parias). This parias that Badajoz and other taifas were paying allowed Fernando to use it as leverage against other Islamic territories. Fernando used the parias to pay for additional troops and needed equipment. It also allowed Fernando to finance more expeditions which forced more Islamic territories to pay more parias that led to more troops and expeditions.

The Christian war machine had found a way to pay for itself.

Badajoz, under the Aftasids (who were still paying tribute to Fernando) had expanded to such urban areas as Coria, Leira, Lisbon, Setabul, Sintra, Evora and Merida.

Fernando I died in 1065 A.D. and bequeathed the Badajoz parias to his youngest of three sons, Garcia I. However, Alfonso VI, brother of Garcia I, marched on Badajoz and forced the parias to be paid to him.



Tomorrow: Alfonso VI

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