The Short Stories of Waldo

“He is a Sagittarius Mom!”


“They say all who wander are not lost.


And he will become a vagabond – – –

and an eternal traveler – – –

and he will seek Truth, Beauty, and Wisdom.

“Yeh, sure, is there more?”

Lots more Mom – – –

The only way he can find these is to travel.

He will meet others, and ask soul-searching questions.

“And that is the end of it?”

No Mom – – –

Knowledge will be important to him.

He will become interested in philosophy,

religion, and the meaning of everything.”

“Where do you get these strange ideas?”

“It’s in the newspapers Mom.

Every day they put it in the newspaper

– – – right next to the comic section.”

“Do you really believe all that?”

“Sure Mom, sure I do.

It’s right there in the newspaper.”

“Sounds like he will be a handful”

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