This, that, - - - and the other thing


Wittgenstein said “every word has a meaning.”

And then all of the other philosophical professors started writing volumes and volumes of books about what Wittgenstein meant; even though it appeared obvious.

And so it seems as though Wittgenstein, who wrote little, set up an industry for those who wrote much.

However this is not about Wittgenstein or his unrequested editors. It is about words having meaning. Each and every word has a meaning or meanings, even if that word stands alone.

Words, standing individually, can create emotion. We don’t have to wait for the entire thought to be expressed.

For example, let us take the word ‘if’. ‘If’ sets up a future proposal, a question, a beginning, a nascence.

If (sorry about that) an acquaintance came up to you and said “If – – -” and then stood silently, with his feet planted firmly in place, looking you straight in…

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