The Short Stories of Waldo

So you can’t remember the first

twelve years of your life?

NO Doctor, that’s NOT what I said.

But that was the impression you gave.

What I said was that I don’t remember

MOST of the first twelve years.

Well then, please tell me

what you do remember.

I remember family picnics;

not picnics with just the

immediate family but rather

family reunions.

Go on.

To be exact they weren’t really

family reunions either.

They were simply large family


You had a large family?

No. My immediate family

consisted of my mother, step-father

and me.

No sisters or brothers?


And this extended family,

would you tell me more about it?

Yes, there were a few people from

Europe and all their children.

Uncles and Aunts from Europe?

Yes, I believe they said Macedonia

and Yugoslavia.

The children, your cousins?

All born here.

Were these family gatherings enjoyable?

Oh yes…

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