The Short Stories of Waldo

Good afternoon!

Good afternoon.

Thank you for allowing

me to interview

you today.

Not to mention it.

I love being interviewed.

So I have heard.

I see my reputation precedes me.

That is does.

Where do you think it would be

a good place to start?

I am a firm believer in starting

at the beginning.

That sounds good to me.

I was Thomas Quick born

under the sign of the Taurus;

April 26, 1950 in Korsnäs, Finland.

What else is important to you?

I have some good traits.

Examples please.

I am patient and reliable,

warmhearted and loving,

persistent and determined,

but mostly placid and security loving.

You sure are secure here!

Touché, my friend.

You have a sense of humor.


However, the doctors say

I have another side.

And that is?

I can be jealous,

self-indulgent and greedy.

They also say I am possessive .


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