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Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness, but come down into the green valleys of silliness.

Ludwig Wittgenstein


In our previous episodes we left Juan Jain, born in North Norwich, NY, as the lead character in the comic book series “Captains of Nihilism.”

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1956 The SearcherstHE SEARCHERS

     A beautifully crafted series of comic books written in ÀζδςψŒ.

Synopsis: A search for the lost treasure of ΓÿÐÖΠλhfjlj ends in disaster when Captain Mummy finds himself trapped inside of an garbage can. He is saved in the nick of time (NO – not the Nick who is tycoon of Time Magazine). The boy wonder “Prince Tut-Notsocommon” discovers the secret of The Mystic Crossdresser.

Rated: Ê∅ΘÇßϖζ

1957 Jet PilotJet Pilot

     Unbelievable! A whole series of comics hand-written by Lefty Pompompolionotowhisky. Only three books per issue.

Synopsis: Our superhero finds himself emulating the lead inside of a “Pilot” 5mm drafting pencil. A wicked mechanical engineer, bent upon ruling the universe, draws straight lines until the cows come home. Superhero is almost drawn to the paper which will make him become a straight line. Suddenly a computer programmer appropriates the pencil and it magically becomes an ink gel pen. The programmer writes computer code until the cows come home. Our superhero is saved and he marries the computer programmer only to discover that she is a cyber-automaton. This plot continues in this vain until the cows come home.

Rated: 0001 1010 0011 1001


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