The Short Stories of Waldo



Do you remember when you first met her?

Yes. It was at Barnard College

in Columbia University.

What was her role in Barnard?

She held a Visiting Professorship.

That is a long way from

teacher’s assistant in Chile.

True. But she had drive.

Did she ever tell you how she

became a teacher’s assistant?

Yes. Her father abandoned her

and her mother.

She took the job to support them.

It must have been a rough life.

She never complained about it.

How did she move from a

teacher’s assistant in Chile

to a Visiting Professor at Barnard.

She started writing poetry

while a teacher’s assistant.

And then?

And then she won some local and national

poetry awards.

That doesn’t seem to answer the ‘great leap.’

No. You are correct. It doesn’t.

Any insights?


First, in 1923, she won

the Chilean National Teachers award.

She was able…

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