The Short Stories of Waldo

So you claim to be a Leo?

Yes, and I am damn proud of it too.

Do you know what they say

the traits of a Leo are?

No, not really.

Generous and warmhearted,

Creative and enthusiastic,

Broad-minded and expansive,

Faithful and loving.


That’s me.

All the above.

Thanks for noticing.

I have to admit that

you are very generous.

How can you say that?

I have never given you anything.


I know you would give anyone

the shirt off your back

if you thought that they

needed it worse than you.

Well – – – thank you.

That makes me feel good.

And you are very creative also.

I try to be but it never

comes out the way I want.

Do you show your work

to anyone and ask

for an honest critique?


Why not?

I have tried it several times.


And the people…

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