The Short Stories of Waldo

The Dynamic Duo

Lucas and Toole

VirgoAug 22-Sep 23 Modest and shy

Meticulous and reliable

Practical and diligent

Intelligent and analytical


Fussy and a worrier

Overcritical and harsh

Perfectionist and conservative


Lucas Alone

Lucas said he attacked his mother only in self-defense. He was sentenced to between 20 and 40 years’ imprisonment for second-degree murder. He was released in June 1970 due to prison overcrowding.

PiscesFeb 20-Mar 20 Imaginative and sensitive

Compassionate and kind

Selfless and unworldly

Intuitive and sympathetic


Escapist and idealistic

Secretive and vague

Weak-willed and easily led


Toole Alone

Toole barricaded 64-year-old George Sonnenberg in a boarding in Jacksonville. Toole set the house on fire. Sonnenberg died a week later.

In 1976, Toole met Henry Lee Lucas at a Jacksonville soup kitchen, and they soon developed a sexual relationship. Toole later claimed to have accompanied Lucas in 108 murders, sometimes at the behest…

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