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Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness, but come down into the green valleys of silliness.

Ludwig Wittgenstein


In our previous episodes we left Juan Jain, born in North Norwich, NY, as the lead character in the comic book series “Captains of Nihilism.”

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1969 The UndefeatedUndefeated    


This series of comics were sold as programs at all the entrances to the Meadowlands Sports Complex in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

Synopsis: Hopes are crushed, time after time, as the Giants lose game after game. The Pope comes to the stadium and attempts to save the day; but alas and alack, nothing can help the inept Giants. They try soccer as a fill in but alas and alack it doesn’t have the enjoyment of watching men break their ankles, blow out knees and get concussions.

Rated: Penalty cards instead of flags? What the hell?

1969 True Grit    


This series was silk-screened in four colors on water-proof paper.

Synopsis: A young Abenaki Native-American from the Adirondack Mountains of New York becomes disillusioned with attempting to keep his flint tomahawk sharp by continuing to chip a new cutting edge on it after every battle. He discovers the garnet mines on Gore Mountain. He crushes the red stones into a pumice until the cows come home. He then uses pine pitch to glue this fine red dust to a flat oak stick. And “Viola”, he has invented sand-oak-stick. It is the true grit.

Rated: Raspy



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1970 Chisum
Chisum 2      


The first mention of the term “GPS” in any comic book (single issue or series).

Synopsis: A man driving a herd of chickens becomes lost on the trail. William Bonney, aka Billy the Kid, aka William McCarty, aka William Antrim, aka William Whose Your Daddy, arrives on the scene to save the lost chicken herder. The two men put their heads together, until the chickens come home, and invent the first GPS. It is comprised of a piece of paper with chicken scratches on it. They decide to write the words “Texas” on the bottom and “Kansas” on the top. This becomes the standard for future cartography and digital thingys.

Rated: Sketchy

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