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Never stay up on the barren heights of cleverness, but come down into the green valleys of silliness.

Ludwig Wittgenstein


In our previous episodes we left Juan Jain, born in North Norwich, NY, as the lead character in the comic book series “Captains of Nihilism.”

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1973 Cahill U.S. Marshal


Eric Frein


     This is the most current and serious of all the series.

Synopsis: Eric Frien shoots two Pennsylvania troopers. US Marshals capture him.

Rated: Little Boy playing war games

(Footnote; who gives a shit how he got those injuries on his nose and face?)

1973 The Train Robbers


d autremont brothers 2


     The Siskiyou Mountains form the background of every page in this series.

Synopsis: Three brothers, Roy – – – Ray – – – and Hugh – – – attempt to rob a train, blow it all to hell, ruin a perfectly good tunnel in the process, kill a few people and end up in jail.

Rated: deAutremontesque





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