The Short Stories of Waldo

Crazy Jazz Girl, Zurich, Switzerland

While laying awake thinking of Gabriella my mind switched over to a memorable stay in Zurich. I had met a dark haired girl in her mid-twenties. She was a jazz buff and had a crazy way about her. Although I can not stand jazz and I prefer women with more substance we spent some time together. For me she was a breath of fresh air; quite different than the financial people I had to deal with all day.

My business was not purely financial. I had been hired by a Swiss investment and banking firm to, discretely, psycho-analyze employees involved in large dollar transactions.

My work was of a covert nature; that is, I worked as a co-employee and would secretly observe the personalities of the other employee’s. I would only take action if I deemed an employee to have a personality prone to embezzlement or…

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