The Short Stories of Waldo



Diplomatic and urbane

Romantic and charming

Easygoing and sociable

Idealistic and peaceable


Indecisive and changeable

Gullible and easily influenced

Flirtatious and self-indulgent



Thanks for agreeing to meet me.

Good afternoon sir.

It is totally my pleasure.

That is very nice of you to say.

It is meant, my good man.

How are you feeling today?

I am well, thank you.

And you sir?

I am fine.

Do you call everyone ‘Sir?’

No, it is simply the proper

thing to call someone

who you are not yet

familiar with.

Oh? Well can we drop the ‘Sir?’

It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Yes. I would be comfortable with that.

May I introduce you to my Associate,

Miss Simone?

Good afternoon Miss Simone.

Good afternoon Mr. Smythe.

Please call me Peter.

And you may call me Pheobe.

Alright – – – Pheobe – – –

that is a fine…

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