The Short Stories of Waldo

Lecture 3 (on bolts)

The Secret Agendas of Societies

We have listed our concerns regarding the “of” societies. Have we overlooked the “for” societies? The clear answer is “no.” The “for” societies are the more subversive of the two. “Of” simply implies who constitutes the group. “For” implies advocacy. One must ask why a mechanical society or testing society or any sort of society of materials would be an advocate. One must dig deeper to determine what this “advocacy” is for. Do they advocate anarchy, violent overthrow, persecution, historical modification, colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, theocracy, thugocracy, Marxism, etc.?

On the surface it would appear that one such society is “for” standards and materials. Whose standards? Whose materials? Are they for British standards?  Apparently they are not all-inclusive and have a bigoted view of such things as Polynesian standards. How does a society of supposedly brilliant people advocate “against” when their own…

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