The Short Stories of Waldo

Instinct versus Intellect

My experiences at Panzerkoncern and Patch turned out to be excellent preparation for my analyst work at Zurich and Bern. It allowed me to gather a knowledge of the German language while being able to conduct my sessions in English. My clients in Germany were American soldiers or their wives and children. My weekdays were spoken in English but my nights and weekends were Deutschsprechen.

So I lay there in bed, that night that I had met her, thinking about everything except what I was anticipating.  The next day’s plan with Gabriella, sweet Gabriella from Temuco, had somehow fallen to the wayside. I wondered if I was getting to the age where sharing an intimate evening, or night, is not the most important thing in my life. I could not imagine my mind wandering from Gabriella; yet it had. It then came back to me that I…

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