The Short Stories of Waldo

Meta- Anthropo-morpho-Callity

Bolts appear to be made up of a solid inorganic mass. Let us delve into a few common but afore unmentioned attributes of the bolt. Some may refer to a screw as a bolt. Master mechanics would not accept this terminology but the layman may. Screws, strictly speaking, have a point on the end; bolts do not.

If a man offered a woman a “screw” – – – she may “bolt” (flee), or, she may “bolt” (latch) the door. A “bolt” (rod) now plays a part in this possibly occasion of chance or purpose (or promise). I am sure (that in the case of locking the door) she knew that the offer did not come as a “bolt out of the blue.” She may experience a metaphysical bolt of thunder at the terminal end of her experience. This may “bolt” (clinch) her emotional feelings for the man but…

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