The Short Stories of Waldo


I often think of my family back in Binghamton. The name Binghamton is an anomaly when applied to where I worked and lived. My wife and I at one time or another had both held full professorships at Binghamton University (which is one part of the New York State University System).

This portion of the University was not located in Binghamton. Both the university and our home were located in Vestal. Vestal is a bedroom community tucked away between the Susquehanna River and the Pennsylvania border.

We were a University family of the first order. Even my mother held a Ph.D. . My father had earned a master’s in electrical engineering and had suffered greatly for it. My mother constantly reminded him of his lowly status. He escaped into the netherworld via suicide by alcohol.

That is why my mother lived with us.

The community…

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