The Short Stories of Waldo

Conclusion of Lectures  (Part 1)

In my introduction to this series of lectures I stated that the contents would also serve as my doctoral thesis.

I will now proceed with that business.

Dear Doctor; why do I feel so compelled to search into the depths of Boltdomness? Is there something missing in my childhood? Don’t write that question down. I think I know the answer.

My father never laid a hand on me; nor did he use drugs or alcohol. He did, however, become enraged if I made a mistake while he was working in his garage. It was not ‘our’ garage. It was ‘his’ garage.

I was occasionally allowed to watch him work on his vintage auto. This would occur more often than not when my mother would send me out there (“Go work in the garage with your father.”) Most of her time was spent in a chat room vicariously pleasing…

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