This was written almost six years ago – – – and already it has become ture. Ask yourself; “Do I feel comfortable with all this government meddling?”

This, that, - - - and the other thing

July 24, 2009                               THE TOWN TWEAKER

By Waldo J. Tomosky

The following experience occurred in the middle of a thunderstorm. Unfortunately I was sitting on an old log in the North Woods of New York State. My previously lit cigarette was soaked and useless. I am not normally concerned about lightening and thunder; however, the storm was extremely active that day. I was out in the open with my fishing rod acting as a lightning rod. I decided to lay it flat on the ground.

This is a story about a man of tomorrow. A man whose job it is to keep a town operating; and not simply operating but at its most efficient.  Long ago, when this piece was originally written, he would have been a political hack. But in today’s world he is a technician with no political ambitions (and probably no ambitions in any field of endeavor)…

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