I have a tendency to lie quite a bit. In fact I lied about something in the following introduction. So allow me to expose myself and tell you what the lie is before we even get started. I say, below, that I will be posting daily. THAT WILL PROBABLY BE A BIG FAT LIE! I will post when I can – – – and I won’t post when I can’t – – – or when I have more pressing issues – – – or if I just don’t feel like it. With that out of the way, please allow me to post the following introduction.

An introduction to: DESTRUCTION OF THE SOUL


In the beginning mankind destroyed the body of others. He accomplished this with rocks and stones. Sometimes with fire, as we have recently seen our more modern savages do.

But man is a progressive animal. He moved on to hand made tools. Lithic knives, stone clubs, and chipped arrows that could fly to the enemy. All of these could destroy a human body.

Bronze! Ah yes; what would we do without the Bronze Age? Bronze swords and amalgams of bronze and tin; these alloys made copper knives and axes, all to attack, dismember and kill each other.

Not yet satisfied with his progress man forged iron with carbon and beat it into weapons. He hardened these by heating them red hot and then plunging them into a slave as an immediate quench. Then he polished the blade with sand, put it back into the fire, and when it was tan colored, another slave was wasted to give temper to the blade. Two human lives were gone even before the weapon could be put to use.

Let us not overlook the dock strikes of the early 20th Century. Belaying pins of wood and steel changed many minds about whether the dock workers union was a good or bad thing.

Then man added other metals to form alloys never dreamed of before. These weapons became mechanized and could take the lives of many in a single day.

Modern man, in this progressiveness, no longer kills human bodies; he kills souls. The body is left behind and others must care for it.

So the following series is of that type; the destruction of the soul. It didn’t happen on a battlefield, or a back-alley knife fight, or even a drive-by shooting. It happened in the mortared halls of business. It is an adaptation of James Goldman’s “The Lion In Winter” Visit the daily posts. I promise you revulsion, sorrow, bewilderment and political incorrectness.    Tomorrow Next Post: “COME TO ME”   author1