1977 Motel on the Mountain

In the corporate offices

in White Plains, NY

(The CEO addresses his

administrative assistant, Bill)


Hi Bill!

We will be holding a Christmas party.

It will be at Motel on the Mountain.

We have asked the owner of

LaFrance Inc. to join us.

And would you like me to

handle the invitations?

Yes, and the arrangements with the

hotel and the caterer.

I want Dick there and Jeff and Joe.

Go tell them.

Then go fetch the queen from

the Park Avenue loft.

If he refuses?


Eli? He wouldn’t miss this for the world.


 (Two executives are jousting

with words and logic.

One of them fails the next move.)




The CEO want’s you in his office.


(In the loft on Park Avenue)

Hello Eli.


Hello Bill.


He wants to have a Christmas party.




Motel on the Mountain.



 Tomorrow Next Post: At The Party