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Party Room

Motel on the Mountain

Suffern, NY


Eli opens the conversation


Peter, what if, just for once,

I didn’t do as I was told?


It’s going to be another one of

those days, isn’t it.

If you make me miserable now,

I’ll never last.


You’ll last. You’re like the rocks

along Taconic Parkway;

nothing will knock you down.


In this place, Eli, on this Christmas,

I have all the enemies I need.


You have more than you think.

Are you one?

Has my friend

turned to an enemy?


If I decided to be trouble, Peter,

how much trouble could I be?


Not much.


I could give away your plans.


You don’t know what they are.


I know you want to eliminate Dick.


So does my partner.

He knows young Roger is dead.


The young lad died of heart ache,

and I haven’t found a replacement.

He knows I want Joe to have

the CEO position,

and I know he wants Dick.

We are very frank about it.


Peter, I can’t be your lover

if I’m seeing your son.


Why can’t you? Joe wouldn’t mind.


I do not like your Joe.


He’s a horny soul.

He’s got acne,

and he smells.


He’s just eighteen!

He can’t help the zits.


He could take a shower

once in a while!


It isn’t such a dreadful thing

to be a queen in waiting.

Some will weep for you.

Others will be envious.


Will you weep?


I don’t know. Possibly.


All I want is not to lose you.

Can’t you hide me?

Can’t I simply disappear?


You know you can’t.

You are already invisible.

Your little brother Phil is

CEO of LaFrance now,

and he wants his shares back.


You only wanted me for my stock options.


You were fifty…

a mustache and two big eyes,

and that’s all.

Joe overhears the conversation


Hey. What’s the matter, Joe?




Joe turns sharply and leaves,

to look for Jeff.






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