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Christmas Gift


(Peter and Eli

continue their conversation

in the party room

at Motel on the Mountain)


What difference do a few shares make, Peter?


Let Phil have it back.

It isn’t much.


I can’t.

The shares are minimal,

but they are vital to me.

And I’m not vital to you.


It’s been my luck to fall in love

with corporate owners.

When I met you Eli, I thought:

“You lucky man – –

The richest man in the world… he owns

LaFrance Inc., the greatest corporation on the Continent,

and beautiful as well.”

You were, you know.

And then you lost LaFrance, Inc.


And you adored me.


Memory fails. There may have been

an era when I did.


(Peter arranges

a wisp of Eli’s hair)


Let’s leave one strand askew;

nothing in life has any business

being perfect.

If I say you and I are done,

we’re done.

If I say ‘Love Joe’, it’s Joe.

I’ll have you by me,

and I’ll use you as I like.

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