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Pretty Boy

(Pretty Boy emerges from the crowd

and gives a sarcastic curtsy

to Eli)


No, no; greet me as you used to.

Fragile I am not.

Affection is a pressure I can bear.

Oh, but we do have smart execs;

Dick, Jeff and Joe.


So Peter says.


Let’s talk to them,

and you will see.


(Walking through the crowd

to find the three.

Eli speaks first)


Joe, you’re so clean and neat.

Peter takes good care of you.

And Dick. Don’t look sullen, dear. It makes

your eyes go small and piggy…

and your chin look weak.


Jeff, is Phil here yet?


Not yet Pretty Boy.


Don’t call me that.

You know I have a name.


Yes, but we all know you

by your other name.


I don’t have to put up with this;

Tell Peter I will be in my room!


Let’s hope Phil grows up like his CEO… Simon

pure and Simon simple… good, good, Simon.

If I had managed execs for him instead of all those

little girls, I’d still be stuck with being

CEO of la France Inc.

Such, my angels, is the role of sex in history.


(Hearing a boisterous ‘grand entrance’

at the front of the building

Eli comments;)


That will be Phil.


Dick, do you know where Peter is?

 (Dick answers with the sarcasm

seems to run through the entire

strange and extended family)

Upstairs, in one of the guest rooms

with the family whore.



That’s a mean and tawdry way

to talk about your fiancée.


(Joe interrupts – – – )

My fiancée!


Whoever’s fiancée.

I bought her, and she is

dear to me and gentle.


He still plans to make Joe CEO?


Of course he does.

My, what a greedy little trinity you are: CEO,

CEO, CEO. Two of you must learn to live with



(Peter, the current CEO, enters

and adds to the conversation)


Ah, but which two?


Let’s deny them all

and we run the corporation



Eyeball to eyeball? Through all eternity?


Ah, my three boys.


The CEO of la France Inc.

and I will shortly

have a tactile conversation,

like two philosophers

searching for the truth.

We’ll state positions, and

I’ll make the first of many offers.

He’ll refuse it, naturally.

I’ll make a better one, and so on

through the holidays until I win.

For the duration of this joyous ritual

you will give, to me your mentor,

your support.



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