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Past Loves

(Jeff exits the room

leaving Peter, Pretty Boy

and Eli alone)





I have a confession.




I don’t much like our executives.


Pretty Boy?


Yes dear – – –


Only you… the child I raised but didn’t bear.


You never cared for me.


I did and do, believe me.

Peter’s bed is Peter’s province:

he can people it with sheep for all I care,

which, on occasion, I am sure he has done.


Rosebud has been dead for seven years.


Two months and eighteen days.

I never liked him much.


You count the days?

I made the numbers up.


(Eli speaks directly to Pretty Boy

turning his back on Peter)


You know Peter found Miss Rosebud

in the swamps of New Jersey…

and brought him home for closer observation.

Liking what he found,

he scrutinized him many years.

He loved him deeply,

and he, him.

And yet, my dear, when Peter had to

choose between his love and my corporation…


There is no sport in hurting me.

It’s so easy.


After all the years of loving care, do you think

I could bring myself to hurt you?


Eli – – –

with both hands tied behind you.


(Pretty Boy exits the room)





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