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(With Pretty Boy gone

Peter and Eli

continue the conversation)


He is lovely, isn’t she?

Yes, very.

Who could I have chosen to love…

to gall you more?


There’s no one.


Time hasn’t done a thing but wrinkle you.


It hasn’t even done that.

I’ve borne thirty-one connubial years of you.

How is that possible?


There are moments when I miss you.




Do you doubt it?


That’s my life’s burden.

So, Joe gets

the CEO position?


I’ve heard rumors,

but I don’t believe it.


Losing Pretty Boy will be hard,

for you must give him up.


It’s an old man’s lust;

nothing more.


How hard do you find it – – –

living in your penthouse?


It was difficult in the beginning,

but that’s past.

I find I’ve seen the world enough.

I’ll never let you lose.

You led too many leveraged buyouts

against my company.


And I damn near won the last one.

Still, as long as I get trotted out…

for Christmas parties and other occasions

now and then — for I do like to see you — it’s enough.

I ‘m famished. Let’s go eat.


(Peter extending his bare arm)

We shall, arm in arm.


 Arm Tatoo Lions

And hand in hand.

You’re still a marvel of a man.


And you’re my Ms.

(They move to the dining area)




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