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 Walking Down a Hallway

(Peter and Eli walk

arm in arm,

hand in hand,


the Dining room)


It’s an odd thing, Eli.

I’ve fought and bargained all these years…

as if the only thing I had to live for

was what happened after I was dead.

I’ve something else to live for now.

I’ve blundered onto satisfaction.


In the Christmas Holiday Season yet!


Since dad died, while Philip grew more powerful,

I’ve had no La France, Inc. to win.

And in that lull, I’ve found

how good it is to write a corporate memo …

or make a profit

or sit in judgment to decide…

which execs get a raise.

I tell you, there is nothing

more important in the world.

Now Phil is big enough, and I’m sick of fighting.


Do you still need the sister’s shares, Peter?


It’s as vital as it ever was.

My lawyers are

thirty days away from Civil Court.

That’s a march of twenty miles.

I must keep it up.


Peter, dear, if Pretty Boy

does not marry Dick, I will

see that you lose the subsidiary.


Well, I thought you’d never say it.


I can do it.


You can try. We have a pack of lawyers.

I should consult them about

the loving couple.


Can you read love in that?


And permanent affection.


(Peter and Eli enter the dining room,

a sea of grinning faces

greet them)



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