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(Eli is wrapping Christmas presents in his loft,

there is a knock on the door,

Eli greets Dick )


Well, I’ve come. I’m here.

What was it

you wanted?


Just to talk.

We haven’t been alone, the two of us, in…

how long is it, lamb? Two years? You look fit.

Business agrees with you. I keep informed. I follow

all your slaughters from a distance.

Do sit down.


Is this an audience,

a good-night hug with kisses

or an ambush?


Let’s hope it’s a reunion. Must you look so stern?

I sent for you to say I want your friendship again, but I

can’t say it to a face like that.


My friendship, of all things.

What could you want it for?


Why, for itself.

What other purpose could I have?


You will tell me – – –

when you’re ready to.


I scheme a lot, I know. I plot and plan.

That’s how a queen in prison spends her time.

But there is more to me than that. Can’t I say

I love a step-son and be believed?


If I were you, I’d try another tack. I’ve no

dammed-up floods of passion for you.

There’s no chance I’ll overflow

with emotion.


You’re a dull person, dull as a nunnery chant:

dum – dum – dum, forever on one note.

I gave college up out of boredom.

I can do as much for you.


You’ll never give me up;

not while I hold the shares.


You think I’m motivated

by love of board meetings

and stockholder meetings?


I think you want them back. You’re so deceitful,

you wouldn’t ask for water when you’re thirsty.

Spiders would get tangled in the webs you weave.


If I’m so devious, why don’t you go? Don’t stand

there quivering in limbo. Love me, little lamb,

or leave me.


Leave you? With pure joy.


Departure’s a simple act.

You put the left foot down,

and then the right.


(Another nock on the door

Joe enters in high spirits,

followed by Jeff.)




Hush, dear. Mother’s fighting.


Father’s finished working out

the stock terms.


How nice. Where is your father?

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