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(Another knock on Eli‘s door

it is Peter, the CEO,

with Pretty Boy on his arm.)


Ah, there you are.

Why did you bring him along?


He is with me,

that’s all you need to know.


Well, have you put the terms to Philip?


Not yet, but we’re shortly

granting him a meeting.

I hope you’ll all attend.


Are we to know the terms,

or would you rather tease us?


Not at all.

The terms are these – – –


(Dick, Joe and Jeff speak up)


What are you giving to Philip?

What of mine?


Whatever you’ve got goes to me.


And what’s the nothing Jeff gets?


My God, boys, you can’t all three be CEO.


All three of us can try.


That’s pointless now.

I want you to succeed me, Dick.


Pretty Boy and the CEO position…

I give you both.


I’ve no sense of humor.

If I did, I’d laugh.


I mean to do it.


What about me? I’m your favorite.

I ‘m the one you love.


I’m sorry, Joe. I can’t help you.

Could you keep anything I gave you?

Could you beat him in the boardroom?


You could.

Joe, I won’t be there to protect you.

I’m losing my drive.

All my dreams for you are lost.


You’ve led me on.


I never meant to.


You’re a failure as a father,

you know that.


I’m sorry, Joey.


Not yet, but I’ll do something terrible,

and you’ll be sorry then.


Did you rehearse all this,

or are you improvising?


Good God Eli, face the facts.


Which ones?

We have so many.


Power is the only fact.

How could I keep Dick from the CEO chair?

He’d only take it if I didn’t give it to him.


No, you’d make me fight for it. I know you.

You’d never give me anything.


True, and I haven’t.

You get Pretty Boy – – –

and the company.

But I get the thing I want most.

If you’re CEO the company stays intact.

I get that. It’s all yours now…

the chair, the pretty one,

the whole black business.

Isn’t that enough?


(Peter exits the room

leaving Pretty Boy behind)


I don’t know who’s to be congratulated.

Kings, queens, knights everywhere you look, and

I’m the only pawn. I haven’t got a thing to lose.

That makes me dangerous.


Peter, wait for me!


(Pretty Boy exits)


Poor child.




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