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Crying Joey



(Joe, Jeff and Dick remain behind

to talk to Eli)



Poor Joe. Who says, “poor Joe”?

Don’t everybody sob at once!

My God, if I went up in flames,

there’s not a living soul who’d

pee on me to put the fire out.


Let’s strike a match and see.


You’re everything a little brother dreams of.

You know that?

I used to dream about you all the time.


Oh, Joey. Grow up!


I’ll show you, Eli. I’ve not lost yet.


(Joe slams the door

as he leaves the loft)


Well, step-mother dearest,

if you want me, here I am.


Joe’s lost his Chief Financial Officer, has he?


And you’ve gained one.


It’s a bitter thing

your wicked step mother

has to say.


She doesn’t trust me.


You must know Peter isn’t through with Joe.

He’ll keep the shares till the moon goes blue from cold.

And as for Dick’s wedding day… we’ll

see the second coming of Christ before that.

The intrigue alone can last for years.


I know.

You know I know.

I know you know I know.

We know Peter knows,

and Peter knows we know it.

We’re a knowledgeable family.


Will Dick take me

for his Chief Financial Officer

or won’t he?


Why are you dropping Joe?


Because you’re going to win.


I haven’t yet.


You will, with me to help you.

I can handle Joe.

He’ll swallow anything I tell him,

and I’ll take him by the hand

and walk him into the trap you set.


You’re good. You’re first class, Jeff. You’d

sell Joe out to me, or me to Joe, or… you can

tell me… have you found some way of selling

everyone to everybody?


Not yet, Mommy Dearest, but I’m working on it.

I don’t care who’s CEO, but you and Peter do.

I want to watch the two of you

feeding on one another.


You have a gift for hating.


You’re the expert; you should know.


Dear Lord, you’ve loved me all these years.


Oh, God forgive me. I’ve upset the Queen.


We need you. Help us.


What? And miss the fun of selling you out?


Be Chief Financial Officer for Dick.


I would rot first.


(Geoffrey walks away.

Dick comes up to Eli)


Well, that’s how deals are made.


We’ve got him if we want him.

He’ll sell us all, you know;

but only if he thinks – – we think – – he won’t.

Why did I have to have such clever step-children?


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