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(Eli and Dick walk to the veranda.

They open the oversize glass door.

A warm winter breeze greets them)


What’s the matter, Dick?




It’s a heavy thing, your nothing. When I write

or send for you or speak or reach, your nothings

come, like stones.


Don’t play a games with me.


I wouldn’t if I could. I’m simpler than I used to be.

I had, at one time, many appetites.

I wanted poetry and power

and the young men who create them both.

I even wanted Peter, too, in those days.

Now I’ve only one desire left…

to see you CEO.


The only thing you want to see

is Peter’s vitals on a bed of kale.

You don’t care who wins as long as Peter loses.

You’d do anything.

You are Medea to the teeth, only this is one son

you won’t use for vengeance against your husband.

SO feel free to kill the other two!



How my captivity has changed you.

Peter meant to hurt me. He’s hacked you up instead.


(Eli touches Richard’s chin with one hand)


Men coveted this talon once.

Peter was twenty-eight when we met,

and I was CEO of La France, Inc.

He came up from Atlanta to New York City,

with a mind like Aristotle’s…

and a form like mortal sin.

We shattered the Commandments on the spot.


I spent three months divorcing,

then in May, in spring, not far from here, we married…

young Peter and his Eli. But in

three years’ time I was his Queen,

and he was CEO.

Done at twenty-one… five

years your junior.


I can count.


There was no Pretty Boy then, or Rosebud…

no rivals, only me. And then I discovered that Peter had sons.

You, and the other two blossoms in my garden.

Yes. Had I been prudent, darling, I’d be happier



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