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Eli and Dick discussion



(Dick and Eli continue

badgering each other)



Is that designed to hurt me?


What a waste.

I’ve fought with Peter over who

comes next,

whose dawn it is… and which son

gets the sunset,

and we’ll never live to see it.

Look at you.

I loved you more than Peter,

and it’s cost me everything.


What do you want?


I want us back the way we were.


No, that’s not it.


All right, then. I want the shares.


That’s the step-mother I remember.


We can win. I can get you Pretty Boy. I can make

the marriage happen, but I’ve got to have the

the shares back to do it. I must have them back.


It’s mine, and I’ll never give it up.


Shall I write my will? “to Dick, everything.”

Would you believe me then? Where’s paper?


Paper burns.


I love you as if you were

my own son.


You love nothing. You’re incomplete.

The human parts of you are missing. You’re as

dead as you are deadly.


Don’t leave me.


You were lovely once. I’ve seen the pictures.


Don’t you remember how you loved me? We were

always hand in hand. (Eli thrusting his hand in Dick’s)

Here’s how it felt.


As hot and coarse as that.


This won’t burn. I’ll scratch a will on this.

(bares his forearm, with a small knife suddenly

in his other hand, and draws the blade across the

flesh) “To Dick, everything.”




Remember how I taught you accounting… and the

deal and negotiating? See? You do remember. I

taught you currencies, too, and languages… and

all the business I knew

and how to love profit.

Life was easier then, and we

were every day together.