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 Phil Joey and jeff plot


(Joe, Jeff and Phil

hold an evening meeting

in Jeff’s office)


Hello Joe.


Hi Jeff.


Hello you two.

What is this about?

Don’t waste my time.


Check out this business plan

I made it for Peter.

All the pieces work.

It took months. I’m not a fool.


I know. Now, here’s my plan.


I read three languages. I’ve studied law.

What plan?


We’ve got to make a deal

with Phil while he is here.




Because you’re out,

and Richard’s in.


And what kind of deal?


A hostile takeover.

If we three join and fight now,

we can finish Dick off.


You mean break up

the company?


Hmm – – –

Now there is a thought.


And get rid of

Eli also?


And Eli too.

Now, do we do it?

or sit on it?


I’ve got to think.


You haven’t time.

We are overhead now.

We don’t earn our keep.

You know where

executives that are overhead go?



Well, does Joey want a war

or doesn’t he?


Do you Phil?

If Joe asks for

your lawyers and accountants,

will he get them?


If Joey wants a war,

he’s got me on his side.


Joe, you hear that?


I’m still thinking.


Let me help.

It’s either Dick

in the CEO chair

or you.


Do you think we’d win Jeff?


I know we would.


(Jeff, Joe and Philip

enjoy a celebratory

Southern Comfort Manhattan)