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jaroslaw xmas

(Peter is enjoying

the enclosed outdoor portion

of his penthouse,

he is interrupted

in his thoughts

by Pretty Boy)


Peter! But you don’t understand.


I would appreciate a little quiet confidence.

I’ve enough nits picking at me.


But you’ve promised me to Dick!


Good God, you don’t think I meant it?


So that whole scene, all you said to Joe…


You think I’d ever give him up when I’ve mothered

him and fathered him and babied him?

He’s all I’ve got!

How often do you people have to hear it?

Every supper?

Should we have the appetizer with

who we love and who we don’t?


I think you like passing me from hand to hand.

What am I to you… a collection plate? Or am

I all you’ve got, like Joe?


I’ve got to get the shares for Joe.


I talk people, and you answer back

in securities!


They get mixed up.

What are the shares to Eli?

They are not the world.

It’s a way to torture me.

That’s why he spent the evening

wooing Richard, wheezing on the coals.

He’ll squeeze it out of him.

My God, I’d have loved to eavesdrop.


(Peter imitating Eli)


“I taught you prancing, lamb,

and lute and flute… “


(Eli enters,

carrying a pile of

Christmas boxes)


That’s marvelous;

it’s absolutely me.

I thought

as long as I was

coming down,

I’d bring your gifts.


Who left you out of the loft?

Who let you in here?


Your administrative aid

Bill is easily corruptible – – –

brute that he is.


Whatever are you giving me?


You’re such a child: you always ask.


(reading from a package)

“To Henry.”


Eli, you spoil me.

Heavy. is it my tombstone?



I never could deny you anything.


Pretty Boy, don’t go.

It nettles her to see

how much I need you.


You need me, Henry,

like an electrician needs a

plumber’s wrench.

Oh, I know that look.

You are going to say

you love me.


Like my life.


(Pretty Boy

turns sharply

and exits)


I talk that way to keep his spirits up.

Well, how did you do with Dick?

Did you break his heart?


You think he ought

to give me back

the shares?


I can’t see why he shouldn’t.

After all, I’ve promised him

the CEO position.


The boy keeps wondering

if your promises

are any good.


There’s no sense asking if the air’s good when

there’s nothing else to breathe.


Exactly what I told him.


Have you got them? Will he give them back?


No shares for Joey.


I have to give him something.

Isn’t some agreement possible?


Love, in a world

where carpenters

get resurrected,

anything is possible.


You raised him, damn it.

He’s your son also!


Oh, heavens, yes.

For twelve years I raised him.

I recall them all.

Then you found Rosebud.


Why him so damn particularly?

I’ve found other men.


Countless others.


What’s your count?

Let’s have a tally of the

bed sheets you’ve spread out on.


The ‘Rat Pack’s’ to start with.


That’s a lie.


(Eli laughing)

I know. You still care what I do.


I want the shares for Joey!

I want them,

and I’ll have them.


Is that a threat you’re conveying?

Is it to be torture?

Will you pull out my fingernails

or set me on fire, which?

Or am I to be perforated

with an ice pick?


I have the contracts,

and you will sign.


How will you force me to?


“Sign or I refuse to house you.”


“Oh, sign before my heart goes crack.”

I’m like the

earth, old man;

there isn’t any way around me.


I adore you.


Save your aching groin;

that road is closed.



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