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The Wedding


(Peter discusses a deal with Eli)



I have an offer for you, my dear.


A deal? A deal? I give the most valuable stock

on the market to Johnny for what? You tell me,

“mastermind”, for what?


Your freedom.

I will purchase you another loft

in any city and any country you wish.




Once Johnny gets the shares, you’re free.

Think, on the loose in London,

winters in Paris,

impromptu trips to visit

Dick anywhere he’s raiding corporations.

All that for a signature.


You’re good.


I thought it might appeal to you. You always

fancied traveling.


Yes. I even made my ex take me on Christian cruse.

How’s that for blasphemy?

I dressed my friends as amazons.

I laid bare-breasted halfway to San Juan.

My ex had a seizure, and I damn near

died of windburn, but the passengers were dazzled.


Peter, I’m against the wall.

To be a prisoner, to remain in New York City

when you’ve traveled the world…

I’ll never know how I survived.

These ten years, Peter, have been unimaginable.

And now, you offer me the only thing I want…

if I give up… the only thing I treasure.


Sign the paper, and we’ll break the happy news.

The Queen is free, John gets the shares, and

Dick marries Pretty Boy.


Yes, let’s have it done. I’ll sign.

On one condition.


Name it.


Have the wedding now.


What’s that?


Why, I’ve surprised you. Surely it’s not sudden.

They’ve been marching down the aisle

for sixteen years, and that’s a long walk.

Johnny can be best man.

That’s a laugh.

And you can give the bride away.

I want to watch you do it.


Pretty Boy… I can live without it.


And I thought you loved her.

So I do.


Thank God. You frightened me.

I was afraid this wouldn’t hurt.


What a tragedy you are.


I wonder… do you ever wonder… if I slept with

your father?


My father?


It’s a lie. But there are rumors.

Don’t you ever wonder?


Is it fun, despising me? Is it rewarding?




Then stop!


How? It’s what I live for.


I’ll show you.

By Christ, I will.

I’ll do it.


(Peter opens the door

to the hallway

for others to hear)


Where’s a priest?

Somebody dig me up a priest!

You! Bill! Fetch me Bishop Sheen!


Get old Spellman. He’s just down the street.

Ask him to meet us at Saint Patrick’s.


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