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Wedding Dress


(Peter continues hollering from his office door.

It echoes down the corporate hallways.

Eli has a wicked smirk

gracing his countenance.)


Joe, Dick, Jeff!


(Joe, Dick, Jeff and

Bill the administrative assistant



What’s wrong? What’s happened?


Dick’s getting married.


Getting married? Now?

He’s getting

married now?

I never cease to marvel

at the quickness of

your mind.


You can’t hurt me,

you bag of bile.


But you can, Father. Why?


Because I say so.


Peter, the bishop’s waiting

in the conference room.


Good. Let’s get this over with.


(Eli speaks to Pretty Boy)


You’ll make a lovely bride.

I wonder if I’ll cry.


You sound as if you think

it’s going to happen.


I do.


He’s only bluffing.

Can’t you tell when

Peter’s bluffing?


Not this time.


He’ll never give me up.


You think I won’t?


Because you told me so.


You’re not my Helen of Troy.

I won’t fight a proxy war to

save face. We’re done.


I don’t believe you!


Wait ten minutes!


(In the conference room)


Please! Dick, Dick, we’re not…

honestly, we’re not!

Please! Peter and I love each



Come on!


It’s lunacy! I won’t do it! I won’t!

Lunacy! Let me go, Peter. Dick, no!


Come on!


I won’t say the words! Not one of them!

It makes no sense! Why give me up?

What do you get? What are you gaining?


Why, the outstanding shares, of course.


(Dick finally speaks up)


Not that again!


Eli gets freedom, and I get the

outstanding shares.


(Peter speaks to Eli)


That is the

proposition, isn’t it?

You did agree.


Of course she did. I knew it. It was

all pretense. I believed it all.


I meant it all.


No wedding.

There’ll be no wedding.


But, my boy, look. Sheen’s waiting.

Marry it, for my sake.

It isn’t much to ask.




But I promised Phil.

Think of my position.


Damn the wedding

and to hell with your position.


You don’t dare defy me.


Don’t I?



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