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(Phil, CEO of laFrance,

enters Peter’s conference room)


Bill, called me,

what’s all this about?


(Peter speaks to Phil)


You’re the CEO of laFrance,

for God’s sake. Speak up.

Do something.


(Dick speaks to Phil)


Make a threat. Come on,

frighten me.




Am I?


He never meant

to have the wedding.




You’re good at rage.

I like the way you play it.


Son, don’t ever call a CEO a liar to his face.


I’m not your son…


Boy, you came here asking for a wedding

or the shares back.

By God, you don’t get either.

It’s NO to both.


You have a contract with laFrance!


Then damn the contract and damn laFrance.

It never marries, not while I’m alive.


Your life and never are two different times.


Not on my watch, boy!


(Philip exits the room)


Ha, ha, ha! Listen to the lion!

Come on,

flash a yellow tooth,

and frighten me.


Don’t spoil it, Richard.

Take it like a good sport.


How’s your bad leg?


Better, thank you.


Your bad back? You’re getting old.

You’ll fool me once too often.


When? I’m over fifty now.

My God, boy, I’m the oldest man I know.

I’ve got a decade on the Good Bishop here.


( Peter glances at the Bishop,

who nods)


What’s it to be? A mafia hit – – –

when I’m eighty-five?


I’m not a second son now.

Your father lies in

the crypt, you know.


I know; I visit him there.


I’ll have the CEO chair.


You’ll have what Daddy gives you.


I am next in line!


To nothing!


Then we’ll only have law suites now.


This minute?


No, in the courtroom!


So we’re at war?


Yes, we’re at war.

I have ten lawyers

and fifteen friends at the

Securities and Exchange Commission.


Will they listen to you?

Call them and see who answers.

You’re as close to the SEC as you’ll get.


You don’t dare contest me

in court.


Until we’re all agreed Joey comes next,

I can and will see you in court.

You’re a CEO’s son,

so I treat you with respect.

You have the freedom to find a job

within the company.


The corporate promises won’t hold me.

Keep your lawyers informed.


(Dick exits

Joey and Jeff

speak with joy

to each other)


My God, I’m CEO again.


Are you happy for me, Jeff?


I’m happy for us both.


(Joey and Jeff exit together.

So does the Bishop)


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