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(Jeff knocks at the office door

of Phil, the CEO of laFrance)


Phil? Phil!


Yes, come in please


It’s working out.

By morning, I can be

the chosen son.

The CEO chair can be mine.

Are you still with me?


(Phil nods)


We’ll have to fight them all.

They’ll band together once this happens.

Have I got your word?


Do I have yours?

All outstanding shares

of laFrance

if I support you?


Are we allies, then?


We were born to be.


I should say something solemn,

but I haven’t the time.

I’m off to see Peter with news

that Joey is a traitor. After that…


(Suddenly Joey emerges from

the executive bathroom)


You stink! You know that?

You’re a stinker, and you stink.

I’ll kill you!


(Joey reaches for

a heavy lead crystal ashtray,

and stumbles)



If you’re CEO material,

there’s hope for every ape in Africa.

I had you saved.

I wasn’t on my way to Father, but he was.

He would have gone to Peter and betrayed you.

Look, it’s in his face.


It’s true.

I don’t know who my friends are.


(More knocking at the door

Dick has arrived)




(Jeff, indicating the executive bathroom)


May we?


That’s what bathrooms are for.


I’ll never learn. I’ll ruin everything.


Dick? Is that you Dick?


You have company?

I’ll wait for morning.


No, please come in.


Eli sent me.


Come in anyway.


Our executives have stumbled on the art of

mixing Southern Comfort Manhattans.

It turns all troubles into instant happiness.


(Phil fills the tumblers with ice,

adds two shots of SOCO, one capful

of extra dry vermouth,

and carefully measures

one teaspoonful of cherry juice)


I’m Henry’s corporate prisoner.

You find that charming?




Then why the charming welcome?


I thought, I don’t know why,

of why you were last a corporate battle.

Can it be two whole years ago?


It has been.

I need an army of lawyers.


(Phil hands Dick the Manhattan)


It’ll take the misery away.


I must have lawyers.


Have I aged? Do I seem older to you?

They’ve been two hard years. I’ve studied,

and I’ve practiced to be a good CEO.


Can I have your answer… yes or no?


You’ll have it when I give it.


You see? I’ve changed.

I’m not the boy you taught two years ago.


Brokering a hundred shares

here and there,

you buying first,

me scratching for a buy,

all day into dusk…


(Dick turns to leave)


Don’t go.


I must know. Will you help me?


Sit and we’ll discuss it.


(Dick sits)


You never call.


–   – anyone.


Why should I help make you CEO?

I would be better off with Joey or Jeff.

Why have to fight you in the future

when I could have the idiot

or the psychopath?


Would we fight?


We’re fighting now

for God’s sake.


You’re still a boy.


In some ways.

Which way did you have in mind?


You haven’t asked

how much your help is worth.


You’ll tell me.


You can have the shares back.


And what else?


All of the real estate holdings.


That’s Jeff’s.


Does that matter?


Possibly to Jeff.

And what else?


That’s all your help is worth.


And in return,

what do you want from me?


Your connections in the bowels of

the Securities and Exchange Commission.


And what else?


Five hundred thousand dollars.


And what else?


Your IT’s ability to hack

Peter’s computer files.


And what else?


I never called because I thought you’d never


You got married.

 Does that make a difference?


Doesn’t it?

 I’ve spent two years

on every street in hell.


That’s odd;

I never saw you there.


(Phil takes Dick’s hand)


You haven’t said you love me.


When the time comes.


(they move to the

couch in an anteroom)


Tomorrow Next Post:  ENTER; THE OTHER CEO