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Penalty Box


(Peter hits the intercom button

and summons his executive aid Bill)




Would you call security

and come in here?


Are you OK?


Yes. Just do as I ask


(Bill calls security and summons

them to Peter’s office.

Peter speaks to the two security guards)


Round up Dick, Jeff and Joey.

Bring them to the conference room.



And get Pretty Boy in here ASAP!


(Security asks Bill who Pretty Boy is.

He explains and they look at each other

with incredulity but carry out Peter’s wishes.)





We’re packing up some executives

and moving them out.


Is there a corporate takeover?

What’s happened?

Peter, what’s the matter?


Nothing, for a change. Would you believe it?


Where have you been all night?


Making us an entourage.


What for?


We’re off to Rochester to see the Bishop.


He’s excommunicated you again?


No, he’s going to set me free.

I’m having Eli annulled.

The corporation will be shocked

to learn our marriage wasn’t consummated.


Oh, be serious.


I am. It seems that you are getting adopted;

By me.


You mean it?


Shall I show you the papers?


It’s not another trick?


The party is being planned as we speak.


(Pretty Boy looks at Bill,

Bill shrugs and looks at Peter.)


Eli will find a way to stop us.


How? He won’t be there.

I’m flying him to Europe.

He’ll be packed and in a taxi by lunchtime.


If he doesn’t stop us, Dick will.


No more, I’ve boxed him up.

He’s in the corporate penalty box

with his brothers.

The boys are aging with no responsibilities.

They can’t cause trouble in the mail room.


You haven’t said “yes.”

Would you like a formal declaration?


(Pointing to his oil painted image

on the CEO office wall)


There, my countenance;

it’s on all the stock certificates.


Little Pretty Boy, will you agree? Be my son.

We’ll love each other.


Peter, you can’t ever let them out

of the penalty box.


You’ve lost me. Let who out?


Your sons. You’ve put them in the mail room,

and you’ve got to keep them there forever.


Do I now?


If they’re free when you die,

it’s the streets for me.


Don’t bother me about the streets.

The time is not here yet.


If they’re free, they’ll abandon me.

And I will not live to see riches.


(Peter moves to go)


Peter! Are you going to meet with them?

To let them out?


Could you say to a child of yours,

“you’ve seen the executive washroom

for the last time”?


Can you box them up, Peter?

I will have to, won’t I?


(He leaves Pretty Boy the office

and heads for the conference room)